Apostle-Stroman-2What the Lord God began as “The Church of God on Langston Street” with the late Apostle Abraham B. Stroman gave birth to “The Church Of God Which He Hath Purchased With His Own Blood, Inc.” on January 20, 1950. Those in fellowship included: Deacon Samuel Stroman, Deacon Arthur Busby, Deacon Moses Hibbler, Sis. Pearlie Mae Evans, Sis. Fannie Stroman, Bro. Isaiah & Sis. Emma Sharperson, Elder Benny Able, Elder & Sis. Hampton, Elder Riley and others. The ministry continued to grow in fellowship and soon the first move took place to a little board house Church on “Stroman Line” (aka Water St.) in Edisto Drive. The vision continued to unfold and the ministry expanded it’s outreach to Holly Hill and Jamison.

Families were added to the fellowship to include: Rev. J.W. & Mother Hooks, Deacon & Mother Bran, Elder & Sis. Frank McKenzie, Deacon Loman McKenzie, Mother Lillie Ayers, Mother Green, Mother Whaley, Deacon & Sis. Arthur Darby, Deacon & Sis. Harold Nelson, Bro. & Sis. Moses Nelson Jr, Deacon & Sis. Reuben Myers, Sis. Estelle Keller, Sis. Maggie Edwards, Sis. Emily James, Sis. Mary Busby, Sister Lucille Pendarvis, Gertie M. Tyler, The Furticks, Bishop & Sis. Willie Howell, Elder & Sis. L.W. Mintz, Bro. & Sis. Leon Frazier, Elder & Sis. Tommie Lee Johnson, and many other families and friends.

Apostle Stroman passed in 1965, before completing the building of our current Church on Baxter Street, but not before providing the land and much of the raw material for the construction. In 1968, the Lord laid it upon the heart of Teacher Dr. Leon Frazier, (while in Huntsville, AL) to see to the completion of the Church on Edisto Drive, so with the full support and commission of Bishop Willie Howell, he organized the program. Unknowing to Dr. Frazier, the Lord had also stirred the hearts of the youth on Edisto Drive to begin cleaning & clearing out the area within the framed walls for the sanctuary. And the House of God was built! Thank you Dr. Frazier for obeying the Lord God.

During the next few years the Lord raised up from within the brotherhood, anointed interim Pastors to lead us from glory to glory, those who served include: Elder Frank McKenzie, Minister Tommie Lee Johnson and Minister Harold Nelson. However, in March of 1990, Minister Nelson passed leaving Deacon Moses Nelson, Jr. to serve as ‘overseer’ of the ministry.

Over 20 years have passed, many of the families have moved on, others where laid to rest, yet the Lord has sustained a faithful remnant. In November 2011 a called meeting was held to revive the work and ministry of reaching souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ on Edisto Drive. It was agreed and then formally adopted that Bishop Donald W. Oliver should minister to the next generations and faithfully continue the ministry by the Grace of the Lord.